The First Step to Increasing Talent Retention

While there’s been a large focus on attracting new employees and filling open positions, it’s equally important to have creative and effective strategies for retaining your valuable talent.¬†

In 2021, the average employee turnover rate was 47.2% — down slightly from the record-setting numbers we saw from 2020 at 56.8%.

With employees still leaving at record rates, it’s important that your organization has a plan in place to identify and retain your organization’s top talent.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to use the ABC analysis tool to identify top and rising performers
  • Key actions to take for each type of player on your team
  • Create a plan to deliver a higher performing team

Meet the panelists

Bruce Parsons

Principal Consultant 

Mahoney Performance Institute

Shaun Mahoney

CEO and Founder

Mahoney Performance Institute

Rachel Bahor

Digital Marketing Specialist

Mahoney Performance Institute

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